Congratulations...Palm Sunday & Easter Vigil Sacraments

Congratulations to the 2016 Inquiry Class!
Jerry McCray, Marc Schwartz, Carla Duletski and Heather & Chris Olheiser. Not pictured: Mike Decker.


Congratulations, Corey Cooper & Peyton McManus!

Congratulations Landon Tysver!

Congratulations, Jerry McCray! 

New Priests' Conference 2015

The New Priests' Conference was conducted November 22-24, directed by Diocesan Director of Continuing Education for Clergy, Msgr. Patrick Schumacher, at the Diocesan Pastoral Center. Recently ordained, or those transferred to the Diocese, attend for 5 years. Presenters were Bishop David Kagan and Dr. LeRoy Huizenga.

Pray for our Priests

Fr. Grafsgaard recently had dinner with Msgr. Gerald Walsh. Msgr. Walsh was the longtime pastor of St. Patrick and actually baptized Fr. Grafsgaard while the pastor of St. Pius V in New Salem. 

Happy 103rd Birthday!

The parish of St. Wenceslaus was founded on August 09, 1912.
Nearly a month prior to that, Emma Magelky was born on July 15, 1912.
Recently, Msgr. Schumacher gave her a blessing for her 103rd Birthday!
Continued blessings and Happy Birthday, Emma! 

Bishop Kagan celebrates 40 years of the Priesthood

Congratulations to Bishop David D. Kagan on 40 years of the priesthood.
Recently, the Monsignors of the Diocese gathered to celebrate --
the meal, hosted by Msgr. James Shea at the University of Mary,
featured one of the Bishop's favorite meals, liver and onions. 

2015 VBS at St Wenceslaus

This year the Dickinson Parishes VBS program is being held on the grounds of St. Wenceslaus & TEE.
This year the program hosts 121 youth in preschool through 6th grade.
Thank you to Nicole Berger, St. Wenceslaus Director of Religious Education and the
DRE's from St. Joseph, St. Patrick & Queen of Peace, as well as all the volunteers,
for making this year's program a success! 

Congratulations TEE 6th Graders!

Congratulations to the 6th Graders at TEE...they graduated on May 29, 2015.
They now move to Trinity High School for 7th Grade in the Fall.
You are in our prayers as you celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to your move to THS. 


TEE students enjoyed a grill out on May 27.
Thank you to American Bank for the use of the Grill and the grill masters!
Thank you to the TEE staff for their assistance and prep-work!

Congratulations TEE Kindergartners!

TEE Kindergarten Graduation was on Friday, May 22. Congratulations!

Demolition begins on the THS East Wing