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The Hat Trick Dad

The Hat Trick DadPodcast
by Msgr. Schumacher
In celebration of Father's Day on the Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Msgr. Schumacher preaches a father as protector, provider, and spiritual guide.
Date: 6/21/15
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July 14, 2015 Homily

July 14, 2015 HomilyPodcast
by Msgr. Patrick A. Schumacher, S.T.L.
Msgr. Schumacher's Homily on "Questions Pilgrims Ask".
Date: 6/14/15
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The Most Holy Trinity

The Most Holy TrinityPodcast
by Msgr. Patrick A. Schumacher, S.T.L.
Monsignor Schumacher's Homily on The Most Holy Trinity.
Date: 5/31/15
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Holy Trinity

Holy TrinityPodcast
by Fr. Hochhalter
Fr. Hochhalter's homily for the the Most Holy Trinity.
Date: 5/30/15
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Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten GraduationPodcast
by Msgr. Schumacher
Homily from the 2015 TEE Kindergarten Graduation.
Date: 5/22/15
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"All the Fish"

"All the Fish"Podcast
by Msgr. Schumacher
Homily on the Ascension of our Lord.
Date: 5/17/15
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Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fifth Sunday of EasterPodcast
by Fr. Kregg W. Hochhalter
Fr. Kregg W. Hochhalter homily on Catholicism a Gift from God.
Date: 5/3/15
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Thomas, The Brave One who leads"

Thomas, The Brave One who leads"Podcast
by Msgr. Schumacher
On the 2nd Sunday of Easter, Msgr. Schumacher reflects on John 20: 19-31 and speaks about Thomas.
Date: 4/12/15
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Easter Vigil 2015 Homily

Easter Vigil 2015 HomilyPodcast
by Fr. Thomas Grafsgaard
Fr. Grafsgaard's Easter Vigil homily.
Date: 4/4/15
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Holy Thursday 2015

Holy Thursday 2015Podcast
by Msgr. Schumacher
The Holy Triduum begins with Holy Thursday and a homily on Charity.
Date: 4/2/15
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